DATE OF BIRTH …28/07/2018

Life during lockdown could have ended very differently for Lola

Lola and her heavily pregnant friend (possibly mother) Lady were reliant on scraps from local restaurants, when lockdown meant this dried up.

Thankfully, they found help in the form of an English couple stranded due to lockdown, and just in the nick of time! Lady gave birth in their camper van shortly after, and the 2 dogs and 8 pups soon took over!

lola was initially quite feral, but has responded very well to living in close contact with her fosterers. She would love a home of her own where she could blossom and have all the home comforts .

lola was clean in the campervan and showed potential to be a loving pet but a slow and steady and patient approach will still be needed.

UPDATE …. ADOPTED MARCH 2021 Lola is now living the best life in her forever home in the Welsh countryside.

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