GRACIE is a small female podenco who seems younger than her approximated age . She weights just under 10 kilos.

Gracie is a timid girl , hand shy of human contact so she will need a calm adult only home with the company of other dogs . She is very food orientated so this is really helping assure her that humans are not that scary.

She came into foster in the UK and is in the Glossop area with experienced foster carers who have really brought her out of her shell. She has amazed us all with her progress helped by the company of other dogs and humans that have been patient with her we now feel she is ready for a well deserved forever sofa .

Is this little pocket podenco for you ? do you have patience to allow her to blossom in her own time ? Do you have other dogs that would be happy to take her under their wing?

UPDATE MAY 2022…. Gracies foster family fell in love with her and she blossomed so well in their care that she has now been officially adopted by them . A very happy ending .

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