DATE OF BIRTH ….12/05/2014

Canelo is a beautiful elegant male Galgo that was handed over by a hunter in February 2021. Its believed he has been with a hunter most of his life and its believed his life has been hard as he is covered in scars.

Canelo deserves a wonderful retirement home where he can be cherished and be able to live out the rest of his time surrounded by comfort and love.

We think he would do best as an only dog or possibly an older female where he can feel that at last he has space to call his own .

Galgos used for hunting are forced to live in very close proximity with other dogs and judging by his scars this has not been kind on him .

Galgos are generally beautiful calm dogs who love a sofa and occasional zoomies . Older galgos can be suitable to apartment life as long as they have regular access to outside space.

ADOPTED JULY 2021….Canelo came to the UK and is now living with a loving family and a female greyhound sister.

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