IHR is completely dependent on donations to care for the Podencos we rescue, and we can’t do it without your help.

In addition to ongoing costs such as food, flea and tick protection, and vaccinations, IHR has expenses every time we rescue a podenco or send one home.

Rescue Costs
IHR spends 137 euros each time we welcome a podenco. These costs include a comprehensive blood test that screens for ALL tick- and mosquito-born diseases.

Adoption Costs:
Adopters cover all the costs of transporting their Podenco, as well as the TRACES fees; however, additional vet fees add up to 135 euros for each podenco that goes home.

Animal Hotel
What happens when we have more Podencos in need than we can accommodate in our home? We rent space at the Animal Hotel, a excellent kennel nearby. While this arrangement allows us to rescue more Podencos, the downside is that it is a significant ongoing cost until the dog is adopted.

Please help us continue to care for these Podencos by:
Adopting a Dog
– Sponsoring a Dog
– Making a Donation

We’re always welcoming to new ideas, if you could support us in a different way, please contact us to let us know!

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