DATE OF BIRTH ….01/01/2018

BIG female podenco canario. Extremely beautiful

Hazel is a lovely girl, friendly who loves having her ears rubbed. 

She arrived with a broken leg and skinny and was named Hazel after the colour of her eyes. 

Hazel has a very high prey drive, she can jump 10ft fences easily so a very very high fence and secure garden needed. She will need lots of exercise. cannot live with cats or small dogs.

We would love to see Hazel homed in the country and the ability to run free in secure grounds . She is a super girl with so much live to give but needs the perfect home to cope with her escapism .

Interested in Hazel? Contact us for more information 

Love Hazel but not ready to adopt? You can still support her through a donation or sponsorship.

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