Date of Birth ….OCTOBER 2019

Bentley is a large podenco cross who was found as a very young puppy with his siblings and mother. His mum is podenco , dad unknown. All of Bentleys siblings and mum have found loving new homes but unfortunately Bentleys new home did not work out and he began to show signs of anxiety so he came back to the rescue in Spain .

Since being back Bentley has learnt to live in harmony with the other dogs and has made some very close friends especially Dixon . He is lovely with the humans he knows , a little shy of those he does not but soon comes around.

Bentley is reactive to strange dogs when on a lead so this will need to be worked on in a positive and calm way. He is a large dog and is strong so a new owner would need to be able to handle this situation.

We would love to see Bentley in a calm loving home where someone can give him freedom in an enclosed field to run around without the worries of seeing too many other dogs on leads . As he lives well with the other dogs at the rescue we feel he could live with another dog preferably of a similar size . in fact it may actually benefit him .

He really deserves a second chance as he has the potential to be a loving giant . He is wonderful and loving to the humans and dogs that he knows and deserves his forever sofa .

Due to his size we will not home Bentley with children .

Bentley is approx 28kilo but could still fill out

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